Stars’n’Bars Monaco Mont Ventoux ‘s partner

Executive Challenge is fortunate to have partners who can offer a quality sporting event and we thank them for it.

Testimonial from our partner Stars’n’Bars:

“Stars’n’Bars is not only the first Sports Bar and family restaurant in Monaco since 1993, it is also a restaurant with an environmental division (ECOHUB)

Founded by Kate and Didier, Stars’n’Bars has decided to make environmental awareness, well-being and personal development a priority, while continuing to offer a varied menu of homemade and organic dishes.

Stars’n’Bars has become a key player in sustainable development in the Principality, and actively participates in events such as Monaco Ocean Week, Le Salon Ever, Africa Eco Race, E-Prix to name a few a …

These green initiatives are at the center of their concern and the restaurant was the first to say stop plastic straws, plastic bottled water, disposable containers, and install a composter on its terrace! Stars’n’Bars also won the Energy Globe Award for the second consecutive year, for its initiative to remove straws, and to offer only biodegradable on demand only.

It’s been two years now that Stars’n’Bars has been supporting WTS events, and in particular their challenge for companies. In addition to proposing the surpassing of oneself and a real cohesion of group, they will also make you discover unusual places throughout the course. Stars’n’Bars is looking forward to welcoming Jean-Baptiste Wiroth and his team during his 2019 tour.”

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